Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Fear of Aging and losing love- Will he be with me through out my life?

All of us wants to preserve youth, attraction and stamina with aging. However we forget that it brings good sex to us but that does that also bring a sense of being loved, being in a long term companionship based on understanding and unconditional love. We as youngsters keep craving for having great sexual encounters with the most good looking men around. We visit pubs, gay clubs and more dating places looking for handsome guys. But do we ever realize what sort of emotions do we feel after having that sex date over. Research shows that most young gay men do not meet the same guy with whom they had fulfilling sex date last night for at least next 7 days. It is fear that tells them that this guy might hamper their sexual freedom and moreover if they get emotionally attached, they might getting themselves hurt in the end. A deep emotional hurt that says that "you are not worthy of being loved". You have to beyond the outer surface to establish fulfilling and loving relationships in your lives. It is sharing a true or unconditional love. It will never make your feel alone or unworthy of love. 

The solution lies in making the right decision at the point when you going for a date. Do not judge yourself or the person whom you are dating with, with an amount of pleasure that he gives you while having sex. De attach from the sexual pleasure for a while, meet that person at least 2-3 times and see how do you feel while being with him. Are you able to share your innermost emotions with him?. Does he understand you and reciprocate with loving answers.

 Does he show involvement and interest in your talks about your life as a journey? Hold his hand and close your eyes and sense his energy as to is he really the one whom you would like to spend a loving time?.

All these answers will help you feel an immense satisfaction without yourself and you will definitely feel loved. Please feel free to send your valuable comments/suggestion to improvise my blog and help millions of homosexual people on this earth.

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