Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Whats my purpose of being gay?-Understanding your essence and purpose

Every religion and ethics of spirituality says that each one of us is sent here to share unconditional love. However the purpose of each one of us is defined differently. The biggest challenge to a gay's life is the realization of this purpose. We are not able to share this unconditional love with people because the heart's energy gets imprisoned in the past, in the fears developed over the period of time, our inner judgements about being left alone and much more. 

 In a book called manifesting your destiny by Dr Wayne Dyer, the fifth principle says that you must honor your worthiness to receive. He describes there that we do not feel worthy and not able to trust ourselves if any tragic incident happens in our life or we lose a loved one. We tend to develop fear and stay attached with that incident endlessly. We doubt our energy to receive love and a worthy relationship. We become fearful and started living in fears.

My concept of fears completely changed when I read Anita moorjaani's journey of surviving cancer after reaching near death experience. She was about to be succumbed due to her fears related to her own identity and cancer. However in her near death experience, she felt embraced with unconditional love of another realm where she could understand the true purpose of her life. She came back without any evidence of cancer in her body and started living her life fearlessly since then. She could realize her magnificence and happiness in being herself. You can check more about her story on her website >> The moment we discover our purpose, all our fears are released and inner desire to stay on our purpose give us strength to keep going. You stay on your purpose and rest everything (loving companionship, worthy relationship, feeling of being loved always and material needs) all will be taken care by god. Meditation and having secret communication with god help you to realize your divine life purpose and stay aligned with unconditional love. Please remember you are never alone your source is always with you.

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